Stone Panels
We only do one or two of these panels a year.  Sizes are 4'x8', 4'x6' and 4'x4'. The first two panels shown were the first made for the Hilton Hotel in Anchorage.

Commissioned artwork is available for homes, offices private or public building.
All the panels are made by hand from a variety of soapstone, dendrite, jet, marble, alabaster, and bone. The largest size of each panel is four foot by eight.
foot . Ron and Lisa shown with a dual panel done for the backdrop for the reception desk in the Hilton Hotel Anchorage.


Below are stone panels that were done in of 2002 and of 2003. The whaleing scene is about 52"w x 44"h. and is dimensional.  It was puchased by a Juneau Gallery
The abstract sled dog scene design by E.A. Ekemo is about 5' h x 4'w made from italian alabaster, washington soapstone, siberian jet, alaskan walrus bone and african wonderstone, other than the mans face and hair it is flat work. Puchased by a Boston collector.